Set Design & Illustrations
Set Construction
Sculpting & Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
Custom & Oversized Props
Models & Miniatures
Faux Finishes
Location Alterations & Repairs

We Also Offer:
Private Office Space For Your Art Department
Special Projects Room
Scene Dock Storage

Resources: Special Rigging, Mechanical Effects, Camera Rigs, Pyrotechinics, Water Tanks & Effects, Pour Rigs, Custom Glass Fabricators, Painted Murals & Backdrops, and CNC Machining.

Carthay Set Services provides a wide range of services to its clients. From the initial design and first draft sketches through project development, production and fabrication, to installation, every aspect of the project is managed and coordinated.

Whether a project is large or small it is filled with details. It's the realization of each these details that is used to judge the success of any project. That's why an experienced manager is assigned to every project and remains throughout the installation.

We recognize that a job well done is accomplished through skills at all levels of a project, and that communication is one of the key skills. We stay in constant touch with our clients during the life of a project, updating them several times a day if necessary.

We invite you to drop by our facility any time.

Please give us a call when bidding on your next project.

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