Carthay Set Services was established in 1978 by two brothers, Clay & John Dilmore. We were joined in 1982 by our younger brother Mark Dilmore. Carthay Set Services has always been a family affair. This family affair extends to the relationship we have with our clients. Most have been with us for years. Since its creation, Carthay has hundreds of projects to its credit. From commercials, television, feature films, print ads, theme environments, we have done it all and done it all with great success and we look forward to continued success with new clients and new, talented designers willing to push the boundaries of design.

As a company we continually strive to provide the best work possible while delivering on time and on budget. Through collaboration with our clients and utilizing our years of experience, we are actively involved in fulfilling the potential in every project and supporting the design intent every step of the way. From concept through fabrication and completion, our goal for every customer is to deliver a finished product that accurately represents the final design while always being mindful of the budget.

Carthay Set Services operates out of a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in North Hollywood, CA. It shares this facility equally with Reel EFX INC. , A well respected special effects company.

At Carthay you will find an eager staff ready to service your every need, and with Reel EFX here you also have a highly qualified special effects company to provide one stop shopping experience.

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